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Atlas Copco XRVS 1000 Diesel Air Compressor

Atlas Copco XRVS 1000 Diesel Air Compressor


The Atlas Copco XRVS 1000 is a two-stage, oil-injected, rotary screw type air compressor, powered by a liquid-cooled, six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine


The unit consists of low & high pressure air ends, diesel engine with exhaust treatment, cooling circuit, air/oil separation and control systems - all enclosed within a sound dampened steel enclosure.

A range of undercarriage formats, factory and locally installed options are available.

Special attention has been given to the overall product quality, user friendliness, ease of serviceability, and economical operation to ensure best in class cost of ownership.


  • XRVS 1000 CD8 T4F



    Compressor  XRVS 1000 CD8 T4F       
    Normal effective working pressure (pre-set 200 psig and 150 psig)  Psi  218  365  508 
    Actual free air delivery1 (FAD) at pre-set pressure setting  Cfm  1136  1062  911 
    Maximum effective receiver pressure (compressor unloaded)  Psi  508     
    Minimum working pressure  Psi  218     
    Max. sound pressure level @ 23’ (7m) at normal working speed & pressure dB(a)  76     
    Compression Stages       
    Air Receiver Capacity  US Gal (L)  37,8 (143)     
    Compressor oil capacity  US Gal (L)  21,5 (81.4)     
    Approximate air outlet temperature (without / with aftercooler)  °F (°C)  194 (90) / 86 (30)     
    Air Compressor outlets    1 x 2” NPT     
    Max. ambient temperature (at sea level)3  °F (°C)  122 (50)     
    Maximum altitude  Ft (m)  10000 (3048)     
    Minimum starting temperature (without cold weather options)  °F (°C)  14 (-10)     
    Minimum starting temperature (with cold weather options)  °F (°C)  -4 (-20)     
    Engine  Caterpillar  C-13     
    Emissions Regulation  US EPA Tier  T4F     
    US EPA Engine Family  FCPXL15.2HTF       
    Output at rated speed (2400 rpm)  HP  475     
    Number of cylinders       
    Aspiration    Turbocharged     
    Displacement  cu in (L)  763 (12.5)     
    Engine speed (Unloaded)  Rpm  1400  1400  1400 
    Engine speed (Maximum loaded)  Rpm  TBD  1900  1650 
    Engine oil capacity  US Gal (L)  7.0 (26.4)     
    Engine oil required    Low Ash Oil per API CJ-4, ACEA C9     
    Engine coolant capacity  US Gal (L)  22.4 (84.7)     
    Fuel tank capacity  US Gal (L)  236 (893)     
    Fuel consumption at 0% load  Gal/Hr (L/Hr)  TBD  4.23 (16.0)  4.23 (16.0) 
    Fuel consumption at 100% load  Gal/Hr (L/Hr)  TBD  22.0 (83.3)  20.3 (76.8) 
    DEF tank capacity  US Gal (L)  TBD  9.1 (34.4) 9.1 (34.4)   
    DEF consumption at 100% load  Gal/Hr (L/Hr)  TBD  0.62 (2.3)  0.62 (2.3) 
    Battery Capacity (Cold Cranking Amps4)  2 each 1100     
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